Thursday, April 23, 2015

Are you Depressed?

Do you ever feel like not getting out of bed in the morning? Not wanting to do anything, wanting to shut the world out, not wanting to talk to anybody. Well, maybe you should , this could mean that you are depressed.

What is Depression?:
Depression is when you are feeling sad or you have "the blues" as National Institutes of Mental Health states it.  It interferes with your daily life, and depression is a common thing, but a serious illness. There are several of depressive disorder:

Major Depression: This gets in the way of you working, sleep, study and enjoying your life. You lose energy and all of you motivation to do anything.
Psychotic Depression: This occurs when a person is severely depressed. The National Institutes of Mental Health (NIMH) state that the patient has false beliefs, has delusions, hearing or seeing upsetting things.
Bipolar Disorder: Also called Manic- depressive illness. This is not as common as major depression, but important. To know you have this, is characteristic by cycling mood changes.

There are many ways to see you or a loved one is depressed. Talk you your parents if you are experiencing any of these symptoms. Contact a mental health professional to help you or your loved one.

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